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Commercial Property Insurance Quote Form

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This form is designed for Commercial Property Owners who wish to insure a single building for commercial property insurance.

If you require a quote for more than one commercial property, please go to our multi-property owners quote form.

For assistance with the completion of this form or if you have any queries, please phone us on 01623 641 386.

Proposers Details

Owner(s) Of The Property
Proposer's Full Name(s):
(enter sole owner's name or all partner's names if a partnership)
Limited Company Name:
(if a limited company owns the building)
Ownership Status:
Correspondence Address:
(not address to be insured)
Daytime Telephone Number:
Mobile Telephone Number:
*E-Mail Address:
*Please note that your email address will only be used to provide you with your quote and not for any other marketing purposes.
Proposer's Details
Has any insurer ever refused renewal, declined
or cancelled cover or imposed any special terms?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Have you, or any other partner or director ever been
convicted of or charged with any criminal offence?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(i.e. type of conviction(s),
date of conviction(s),
length of custodial sentence or details of any fines imposed, etc.)
Have you, or any other partner or director ever
been declared bankrupt or insolvent or had
any county court judgements or sheriff decrees?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(i.e. CCJ details, amount of bankruptcy/insolvency,
date of bankruptcy/insolvency/CCJ,
date of discharge, etc.)
Have you, or any other partner or director ever
been the subject of an IVA, liquidation or a
winding up or administration order with creditors?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Do you comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 or the equivalent legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland?Yes     No
Business Description
Business description:
No. of years operating as a property owner? years
Do you operate your own
business from these premises?
(This policy is designed for premises that are not normally 'owner occupied',
i.e. premises rented to others / tenants)
Yes     No   help

Property Details

Date of Purchase
What date did you purchase the property?
Risk Address
Address of property to be insured:
Postcode of property to be insured:  Help?
Risk Details
Are the whole of the premises to be insured?Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
(i.e. which parts of the property are to be insured)
Type of property to be insured:
Trade/Business of Main Occupier/Tenant:
(e.g. accountant, newsagent, pub, precision engineers, etc.,
or if vacant, please state as unoccupied)
Trade/Business of any Other Occupiers/Tenants
with whom you share your premises (if applicable):
Are there any heat
processes carried out in the property?
Yes     No  Help?
If yes, please provide details:
Is there any residential
accommodation at the business premises?
(e.g. flat above, etc.)
Yes     No
If the Residential portion is occupied by
flats, please indicate the number of flats:
Please confirm the tenancy type:
(e.g. Professional Working Tenants, etc.)
Are any of the area's of the building unoccupied?Yes     No
What is the percentage that is unoccupied?%
Which floors are unoccupied?
(e.g. ground floor only, 1st floor only, all floors, etc.)
How long has it been unoccupied?
(e.g. 6 months)
When is it anticipated that
the property will become re-occupied?
What type of business previously traded from
the unoccupied section of the property?
What are your long term intentions for the property?
(i.e. to sell, to rent out, owner occupy, etc.)
Has the property been boarded up?Yes     No
Year Built / Property Condition
Approximately, what year was the property built? (yyyy)
Is the property a grade listed building?
(i.e. Grade I, II, etc.)
Yes     No
Listed property grade:
Is the property undergoing any renovation work?Yes     No
If yes, please confirm the work being carried out:
(e.g. structural, redecoration, etc.)
If yes, please confirm the cost of the renovation:
Is the property in a
good state of repair and maintained?
Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
Flood / Subsidence Risk Details
Has there ever been any
flood damage at the premises or nearby?
Yes     No
Please provide details of the damage:
(e.g. type of damage, date
of damage, amount of damage, etc.)
Has the property ever suffered
from subsidence, heave or landslip?
Yes     No
Please provide details of the damage:
(e.g. type of damage, date
of damage, amount of damage, etc.)
Are the premises at least 250 metres away
from the nearest river, lake, canal or tidal waters
and not in an area designated as a high flood risk?
Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
(i.e. distance to watercourse, type of
watercourse, high flood risk details, etc.)
Heating / Electrics
Is the property heated only by fixed gas or oil
central heating, electric storage heaters, fixed
gas or electrical appliances, or other forms of
fixed heating and not by any portable heaters?
Yes     No
If yes, type of heating fuel:
If no, please provide details of 'Other' or 'Portable' heating:
(e.g. details of 'other' heating or
number and type of portable heaters)
Number of 'Other' or 'Portable' heaters:
Is there a current IEE electrical certificate?Yes     No   help
Property details:
Number of storeys:
Construction of Walls (e.g. brick, stone, etc.):
Construction of Roof (e.g. tile, slate, flat, etc.):
Percentage Flat Roofing (if applicable):%
If any flat roofing, please confirm the type:
(e.g. 'felt/bitumen on wood' or 'concrete flat roof')
Are there any composite panels on the property?Yes     No   help
Please specify the core of the composite panels:   help
Construction of Floors:
Fire Protection & Alarms
Is a fire alarm installed?Yes     No
If yes, details of the fire alarm:   help
Is a sprinkler system installed?Yes     No
If yes, details of the sprinkler system:
Is an intruder alarm installed?Yes     No
If yes, details of intruder alarm installed?
Claims Experience
Has there been any claims or
incidents at this property or any
other property you own in the last 5 years?
Yes     No
Please provide details of all claims:
(i.e. date of claim, amount claimed,
circumstances of the claim, etc.)
Property Cover
Cover Required
Level of cover required:  help
Is cover required for subsidence, heave or landslip?Yes     No  help
If yes, are there any trees or shrubs over
5 metres tall within 10 metres of the premises?
Yes     No
If yes, are the premises located within
500 metres of a cliff, quarry or embankment?
Yes     No
Is cover required for terrorism?Yes     No  help
Buildings Declared Value / Sum Insured
Is 'Day One' uplift cover required?Yes     No  help
If yes, please state uplift required (15%-50%):
Buildings Declared Value (£'s):  help
Buildings Sum Insured (£'s):  help
Outbuildings Sum Insured (if applicable) (£'s):  help
Buildings excess required:
(Larger excess will reduce the premium)
Loss of Rent (optional)
Is cover required for loss of rent?
(Covers loss of rent following an insured event, e.g. fire, flood, etc.)
Yes     No  help
If yes, please confirm
the current rent received per annum:
per annum
Maximum Indemnity Period
Glass (optional)
Is cover required for external glass?Yes     No
Landlords Contents (optional)
Landlords Contents (if required) (£'s):  help
Liability Cover

Property Owners Liability (optional)
Is cover required for Property Owners Liability?
(Covers your legal liability for injury or property damage
e.g. tile falls off roof and injures a person)
Yes     No  help
If yes, please confirm the cover required:
Employers' Liability (optional)
Is Employers' Liability cover required?
(e.g. for caretakers, gardeners, administrators, etc.)
Yes     No  help
Please confirm the total number of employees:
Please also confirm the
total wages of the employees (£'s):
per annum
What type of work is carried out by the employees?
(e.g. administration, property maintenance, etc.)

Additional Covers / Information

If there is any other information you wish
to disclose or if you have any additional
cover requirements, please provide details:
You are required to make a fair presentation of the risk to insurers which means that you are required to disclose every material circumstance which you know or ought to know relating to the risk to be insured. Materially important information is any information that could influence an insurer's decision to accept your risk including the cost of your insurance. Failure to comply with the duty of fair presentation could mean that your policy is void or that insurers are not liable to pay all or part of your claim(s). By submitting this quotation you are confirming that there are no other material facts to disclose other than those shown above.
Details Of Current / Previous Policies

Cover Start Date / Renewal Date:
Current Annual Premium / Best Quotation (£'s):
This may help us to get you a better quote
Name of Current / Previous Insurer:
e.g. Aviva, AXA, Allianz, NIG, RSA, Zurich, etc.

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