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Fleet Insurance Quote Form

For UK Customers Only

Please insert your details below and one of our commercial advisers will contact you shortly with a fleet insurance quotation. This form is designed for quotes for Fleet Insurance for a minimum of 5 vehicles only.

Alternatively, if you wish to send a list/schedule of your vehicles, drivers and current 3 year claims experience form, please email

If you have any problems with completing this form, please phone us on 01623 641 386 for assistance.

Personal/Company Details

Proposer's Full Name(s):
(enter sole trader's name or all partner's names if a partnership)
Limited Company Name (if applicable):
Trading Name:
Trading Status:
Business/Trade Description:
Business Address:
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E-Mail Address:
*Please note that your email address will only be used to provide you with your quote and not for any other marketing purposes.
General Information

Have you, or any other partner or director
ever been convicted or charged (but not
yet tried) with any criminal offences?
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If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. type of offence
length of custodial sentence,
date of offence etc.)
Have you, or any other partner or director ever been declared bankrupt/insolvent or subject to any CCJ's?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. amounts of bankruptcy/insolvency/CCJ's,
date of bankruptcy/insolvency/CCJ's
have they been discharged, etc.)
Have you, or any other partner or director
ever had any previous insurance refused,
cancelled or had any special terms imposed?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. reason for refusal/declinature
details of any special terms imposed, etc.)

Insurance Details
Cover required: Comprehensive
Third Party Fire & Theft
Third Party Only

Use required:
(Please tick all those applicable)
Social, Domestic & Pleasure ex. Commuting
Social, Domestic & Pleasure inc. Commuting
Business Use
Self-Drive Hire
Public Hire
Private Hire
Other (please describe below):

Do you require cover for foreign use?Yes     No help
If yes, please state type of territories and the
frequency of work spent at the location(s):

Please confirm the driving restriction required: Any Driver (regardless of age)
Any Driver Over 21
Any Driver Over 25

Please send a list of any drivers aged under 25 or over 65 or with less than 2 years full UK licence,
details of drivers with claims in the last 3 years,
drivers with driving convictions involving a ban as well as other convictions in the last 5 years
or drivers with any medical conditions
by email to

Trading Experience
How many years has your business been trading? year(s)

Fleet Vehicles to be Insured

Details of Vehicles In Fleet
Number of vehicles in the fleet:
Types of vehicles in fleet:
(Please tick all those applicable)
Vans up to 3.5 tonnes GVW
Lorries up to 7.5 tonnes GVW
Lorries over 7.5 tonnes GVW

Details of Vehicles to be Insured

Please send a list or your schedule of vehicles by
email to

Additional Information / Material Facts
Details of any additional information or material
facts that may affect the rating of this insurance:
Under the legal principle of Utmost Good Faith, you are required to disclose all material facts which could affect acceptance of this insurance quotation. Failure to disclose a material fact could invalidate any future claims. By submitting this quotation you are confirming that there are no other material facts to disclose other than those shown above.
Details Of Current / Previous Policies

Cover Start Date or Renewal Date: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Current Annual Premium / Best Quotation (£'s):
This may help us to get you a better quote
Name of Current/Previous Insurer:
(e.g. Aviva, AXA, Allianz, QBE, RSA, Zurich, etc.)

Claims Experience

Please send your current insurers 3 years claims experience form by
email to

Request Quotation

Please ensure that all the information you have provided is correct, then press the Request Fleet Insurance Quote button and we will contact you shortly with a quotation.