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For UK Customers Only

Please insert your details below and one of our commercial advisers will contact you shortly with a professional indemnity insurance quote.

This form is designed for quotes for Professional Indemnity Insurance only. Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed for professionals who require cover for their legal liability in the event of any incorrect advice, error or ommission which causes financial loss to their clients.

If you have any problems with completing this form, please phone us on 01623 641 386 for assistance.

Personal/Company Details

Proposer's Full Name(s):
(enter sole trader's name or all partners names if a partnership)
Contact Name:
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Limited Company Name:
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Trading Name:
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General Information

Please advise any professional memberships and/or qualifications relevant to your profession:
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Description of your work undertaken: help
(Please describe as fully as possible including a
percentage split between each activity
, where applicable)
Do you anticipate any major changes
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If yes, please provide details:
Trading Experience
How many years has your business been trading?
Previous Experience
Please can you confirm at least 50% of all directors, partners, principals and consultants are suitably qualified or have a least 3 years relevant experience?Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
Can you confirm that you do not act as
a self employed contractor for one employer?
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If no, please provide details:
Proposer Details
Have you had any previous professional
indemnity insurance declined, cancelled,
renewal refused or any special terms imposed?
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If yes, please provide details:
Are you aware of any fraud, dishonesty, bankruptcy or administration order applicable to any past or present principal, partner, director or employee?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
During the past 6 years has the business name been changed, have any other businesses been purchased, or has any merger or consolidation taken place?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Is cover required for any partners previous business?Yes     No Help?
If yes, please provide details of previous business:
(i.e. name of partner,
trading name of previous business,
dates business operated to and from)
Has the firm previously
undertaken any project in the USA or Canada?
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If yes, please provide details:
(please include type of project,
dates to and from
and size of the contract)
Claims Experience
Have you, or any other partner or
director (past or present) suffered any claim
(whether successful or not) in the last 10 years?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Are you, or any other partner or
director aware of any circumstances after
investigation which might give rise to a claim?
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If yes, please provide details:
Number of Proprietors/Partners/Co. Directors:
Number of Employees:
(Do not include proprietors, partners or directors)
Are all companies to be covered under this insurance domiciled in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man?Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
Annual Gross Fees / Turnover (UK) (£'s):
Annual Gross Fees / Turnover (EU) (£'s):
Annual Gross Fees / Turnover (USA/Canada) (£'s):
Annual Gross Fees / Turnover (Rest of World) (£'s):
Largest Single Contract in Last 3 Years
Please confirm the total value of your
largest fee earning contract undertaken in the
last 3 years (£'s):
(or an estimate if the first year of trading)
What percentage of turnover do you pay
to outside or sub-consultants or third parties?
If fees are paid to outside or sub-consultants,are they engaged in a binding contract accepting responsibility for their own neglect, error or omission for the work they undertake?Yes     No
Professional Indemnity Cover Required
Limit of Indemnity required: help
Does your company currently
have professional indemnity insurance?
Yes     No
Do you currently have a
retroactive date for your current policy?
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If yes, please provide the retroactive date of your current policy: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Additional Information
If there is any additional information to disclose
or extra cover required, please provide details:
You are required to make a fair presentation of the risk to insurers which means that you are required to disclose every material circumstance which you know or ought to know relating to the risk to be insured. Materially important information is any information that could influence an insurer's decision to accept your risk including the cost of your insurance. Failure to comply with the duty of fair presentation could mean that your policy is void or that insurers are not liable to pay all or part of your claim(s). By submitting this quotation you are confirming that there are no other material facts to disclose other than those shown above.
Details Of Current / Previous Policies

Renewal Date / Cover Start Date: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Current Annual Premium / Best Quote:
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Name of Current / Previous Insurer:
e.g. Aviva, AXA, Allianz, QBE, RSA, Zurich, etc.

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